Srikanth Dandotkar (official name) is a higher education professional specialized in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology. He has 9 years of experience in teaching at the Post-secondary education level and 3 years of experience in mentoring student-research at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Further, Ssrikant Dandatkaar (preferred name) has worked on several Government funded projects as a Research Assistant at Northern Illinois University. For instance, he has worked on the READI (Reading, Evidence, and Argumentation in Disciplinary Instruction) project for two years, under Dr. Britt & Dr. Magliano. Similarly, he has worked on a reading assessment project, R-SAT (Reading Strategies Assessment Tool), under Dr. Joe Magliano & Dr. Keith Millis for four years. Further, he served on several of Dr. Britt’s Argument related projects for eight years. For last three years, Dr. Dandatkaar has been developing his own line of research, which, at a fundamental level, is focussed on college students’ argumentation skills and how this important skill is related to students’ Epistemological beliefs, knowledge of Research Methods, and Reading Skill.

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